Comprehensive Environmental Liability Control and Reduction Plan, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, for a Major Multi-National Chemical company

This project included the development of a Risk management Plan for a portfolio of divested properties. The Risk Management Plan started with the development of a comprehensive knowledge management system for over 100 facilities and was followed with the business risk profiling of the entire portfolio,  identification of short and long term environmental risk drivers, decision consequence analysis, identification of high value intervention tactics and prioritization of business risk management tactics. The project also included environmental compliance implementation support for high cost, high uncertainty sites. During the project, NewFields made available communications tools and accessible explanations on proposed interventions, costs risks and negotiation strategy.

As a consequence of this project, the estimated exposure reduction for the client was > €200MM. The client was also able to manage the portfolio to prevent recurrence of cost expansion across the portfolio.