NewFields United Kingdom is an environmental, engineering, and construction management consulting firm serving businesses across Europe. We provide cost-effective alternatives to large institutional environmental consulting firms, emphasizing a solution-oriented approach to our consulting assignments.


Specialists bridge multiple disciplines, offering innovation that transcends traditional problem-solving approaches.


The continuation of ongoing core services, developing the capability to service emerging sectors, advancement of existing personnel, and rewarding excellence.

Environmental Solutions


Utilizing a collaborative process with advanced tools to achieve sustainability in a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

Our Expertise

NewFields has a long-standing expertise in the field of Environmental Mitigation, Remediation, and Restoration (EnMRR). Since the days of NewFields involvement with the US Department of Defence in the 1980s, NewFields have assisted clients at more than 750 sites around the world and its EnMRR team has grown consistently to a network of over 350 professionals. NewFields involvement on this long list of complex projects has provided cost savings in the hundreds of millions of pounds/euros to our clients. Our aim has always been to provide our clients with an alternative, bespoke approach to solving their environmental challenges with the understanding that no single model can be applied to environmental projects, nor that existing methods are too perfect to maintain.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to find solutions to the common problems that make it difficult to close complex sites, which include:

  • Conflicting/unrealistic objectives,
  • Impractical/overly simplistic metrics,
  • Incentives that favour expanding scopes,
  • Unnecessary friction in converting data to actionable intelligence.

We have seen that the application of disruptors characteristics is useful in dealing with complex sites. Disruptors are changing the way in which we think and do business. Disruption works by uprooting and changing how we think, behave, conduct, learn and go about our day-to-day business projects. No one way of doing things is so essential that it can’t be replaced and no single model too perfect to maintain. When looking at some famous disruptors, they do share some similarities:

Understanding the benefit of any action taken in relation to a site is key to getting a step closer to closing a site (you can’t get to your destination until you agree what it is). At all sites our key priority is to protect receptors, minimize irrelevant scope and advance clients’ business goals for the site.

The foundation for performance simplicity is minimization of complex and disruptive engineered intervention that has no practical exit criteria. We favour using engineered intervention only to nudge and enhance natural processes. Passive systems such as phytoremediation, phytopumping, enhanced degradation or enhanced dilution and attenuation, green and sustainable remediation are all practical and economical.

Access to real time data allows us to convert knowledge into actionable intelligence for decision makers. This involves our clients having access to the right information, at the right time and in the right format. We use readily-available, open source and inexpensive technology that can be applied to any site such as:

  • Standardized database and queries for analysis such as database platforms Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB;
  • PHP, Python and R code;
  • Google Earth (for simple visualizations and quick sharing);
  • QGIS for geospatial data visualization and interrogation;
  • Custom browser-based data drill-down tools for quick access to environmental, medical and legal data and all related site documents;

The above tools allow us to organise and link all kinds of data that can be accessed quickly and reliably such as structured data (with coordinates and numerical data), unstructured data (text type), legal data, assessment data (models, etc), visual data, etc.

We are experts in quantifying uncertainty and accountability in relation to performance, schedule and cost. We use in house developed tools, such as decision consequence analysis to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of their options in managing a project and the risks associated with those options.

We would be pleased to demonstrate how the NewFields approach can advance your business objectives while protecting the environment. For further information contact Alfio Mianzan ([email protected]) or Diogo Gaspar ([email protected]).


The NewFields Europe team provide access to the full range of NewFields services and to more 350 experts worldwide We specialise in the investigation and remediation of contaminated land including the assessment, risk analysis and management of environmental liabilities. Our main services include:

NewFields’ experienced environmental scientists specialise in investigating complex contaminated land sites. Our team work to bring together historic site information, existing data and geographic information systems to explore site risks and remedial options. By focusing on scientific understanding, making full use of data and our strategy of goals, metrics, scope and intelligence, we have helped our clients find cost-effective, risk-based solutions to their environmental challenges.

Our expert engineers have a wealth of experience in designing sustainable, cost-effective remediation strategies to mitigate site risks. We have the expertise to manage planning applications, tendering procedures and supervise site contractors through the life of a project.

NewFields’ brings together experts in environmental science and statistics to help decision makers manage complex projects. Over the last 25 years we have been developing and refining methods and tools to provide actionable intelligence which helps our clients achieve multiple project objectives, reduce costs and uncertainties and make more efficient and cost-effective decisions.

We work with cutting-edge software and techniques to compile, interpret and analyse data in 2D, 3D and 4D. This holistic approach delivers a better understanding of complex sites and a deconstruction of the problems, providing actionable intelligence for decision makers.

We provide comprehensive due diligence services for property acquisition and/or divestment, such as site investigation, remediation design, and implementation of remedial programs. Our experts utilize the client objectives and liability-based remediation needs to provide an accurate assessment of liability costs.

Our environmental experts routinely provide technical advice on soil and groundwater site conditions. This includes cost analysis of impacts of land contamination and their remediation, as well as forensic assessment and liability apportionment, on a wide range of environmental litigation matters.

We conduct natural capital assessments such as valuing environmental externalities (air emissions, water), environmental profit & loss accounting, water valuation and environmental damage assessments to define compensation claims. Newfields is currently assisting a major client by performing a comprehensive NRDA and quantitative damage valuations related to one of the largest environmental incidents in Latin America.

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