Providing Expert Knowledge Management Tools for the Mersey Gateway Bridge Project, Widnes/Runcorn, UK

NewFields conducted a decision consequence analysis (DCA) for a large infrastructure project located near Widnes/Runcorn to aid in strategic planning of environmental issues associated with the advancement of works.  NewFields’ responsibilities included:

  • Preparing a site specific database which included all historical environmental data collected in the project area,
  • Construction of a geographic information system (GIS) to aid in data analysis and presenting information and analysis results to the various stakeholders,
  • Conducting DCA to map the potential decisions, uncertainties, and consequences associated with the project.
  • Prepared probabilistic cost/time analysis of various options to aid in strategic planning of advanced works.
  • Presented findings to stakeholders including the Environment Agency (EA).

The result of this analysis was a greater understanding for the various stakeholders of the current environmental conditions of the project area and a clearer understanding of the uncertainties and remedial alternatives related to cost and time.